Herzlich Willkommen im Waldhotel Kelkheim



How to get to the Waldhotel
Unter den Birken 19
65779 Kelkheim/Taunus, Germany
+49-(0)6195-99 04-0

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Travelling from the north or south on the A5:

  • At the Nordwestkreuz (if travelling from the north) or Westkreuz (if travelling from the south) junction, take the A66 exit and follow the signs on the A66


Travelling from Frankfurt or Wiesbaden on the A66:

  • Pass the Königstein exit onto the B8 at Main-Taunus-Zentrum
  • Take the Kelkheim/Liederbach exit and continue into Kelkheim
  • Upon entering Kelkheim, follow the green signs to the Waldhotel


Travelling from Cologne on the A3:

  • Take the Niedernhausen exit in the direction of Eppstein
  • Continue through Eppstein towards Kelkheim-Fischbach
  • Take the Kelkheim-Fischbach exit and continue into Kelkheim
  • Follow the green signs to the Waldhotel